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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Snapgasm Performance

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Write A Good Heavenly One [Poem]

Sweet flower so eloquent,
Peddles fall and turn into dirt.
Their souls cross the World Unknown.

I look at their crusts,
Taking me to their Heaven,
Full of unbroken trust.

Coming back was the hard way,
But all I want to say,
Is that I don't want to go away!

Love is eternal,
When I think about you,
My soul rests easy, so noble.

R.I.P. to my great grandmother, who died a day before my birthday in 1999. Her name was Oreen Smith, we all called her Ma. She was a very sweet woman, and when Wendy saw a woman who looked just like her, she hugged the elderly lady! The lady was shocked at first, but then my mom explained to her that Wendy is autistic and that she reminds her of Ma, then the woman replied, "That is so sweet!"

I Pledge Allegiance To My Dictator

I pledge allegiance to the Dictator of the United States of America, and to the corporations for which He stands, one nation, under Barack Obama, with oppression and persecution for all.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Eddie Guerrero: The Last Ride [Fanfiction]

“Eddie,Eddie, Eddie!” The cheers were immense, including mine. There wasn't ever a moment like this before! Eddie had won for the first time in 2005 as a good-guy, where he lied, he cheated, and he stole; he stole the match from Mr. Kennedy! A classic Eddie Guerrero had banged a chair against the mat, while the referee was knocked down, then he proceeded to throw the chair into his opponent's hands, thus winning the match via a false disqualification.

That day will forever go on, but unfortunately, Eddie Guerrero had seen his last match... Even till this very day, when I watch that footage on the internet, it brings tears of joy to my life, even though he had passed on. It reminded me of the honor and passion that the professional wrestling world had held for so long. The day that I attended the next episode of RAW, we mourned and gave a moment of silence during the 10-bell salute. I couldn't hold back the tears, and I did not feel ashamed, as a masculine man such as myself normally would. Actually being there in person, you couldn't have imagined the emotions that were running through the crowd, that we knew thousands around the world were watching that night.

Each ring of the bell was agonizing, I just couldn't bear to hear them. They were like pins and needles running up and down my spine! I was glad when the 10th bell had rang. Even though I knew that they were honoring our fallen hero, I knew what those bells were for, and I had fallen back into my seat, exhausted. I was very out of touch with my surroundings, as I had watched every single match and I had watched every single promo, but I hardly remembered anything beyond the point that I had fell, stricken with grief...

R.I.P.,and God bless Vickie Guerrero for keeping Eddie's memory alive. Along with the whole Guerrero family, their friends and associates, and equally as much to their fans(who I am proud to be a member). We miss you dearly, and to this day, I remember your name very clearly.

This fan-fiction was written from the perspective of a fictional fan in the audience, as I had never attended those shows. But it captures the very real emotions that I felt that day. RIP.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Learn to speak the language of: Efnglijsh

This is a constructed language and also a language game. It is called Efnglijsh, which translates into English.

Let's start with the rules of using vowels and their connected consonants.

A= Ab
E= Ef
I= Ij
O= Op
U= Uv
Y= Yz

You must use the letters indicated above if you want to use vowels (Example: A becomes Ab), but if you want to spell a word that is attached to a vowel, then you must type the vowel first (J becomes Ij).

Here is my name is Efnglijsh: Ijopsefoph Dabnijabl Smijth

English = Efnglijsh

Have fun!

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