Friday, October 10, 2014


So, how about we let off some steam? I've been following the Glasgow, KY Topix Forum. Juuuust great! Now I've become addicted to judging people's posts, and seeing what the idiots have to say without me interfering. Well, maybe they realized I was there because of the excessive Judging.

I draw off of SSI from the government, and my mom draws off of both SSI and Social Security, but I hadn't realized that two of my idiot 'friends' had done spilled the beans about our situation! The overwhelming amount of hate-mail they received shows just how selfish people really are, when God told others to give when they can to the less fortunate, but most of those assholes want us to blow our checks on booze, sex, and drugs, which they then would hope that me and my wonderful, loving family, would die!

Also, I founded the religion called Christ Thought, the belief that instant salvation comes from giving Jesus Christ the permission to enter your body, and Transcend your soul, so that your soul will no longer be attached to your body nor will it be impure from the body! We believe that you can still live without your soul in your body, but you still can't live without your spirit. We also believe that our bodies trap our souls from the beginning of physical incarnation, and thus must ask permission from Jesus Christ to enter your body and to let him Transcend your spirit, because if you don't Transcend your Spirit before you die, you will suffer as a wandering ghost that can only be and will eventually be Transcended by Jesus Christ or an Angel.

Gewd nite folks, I am sleepeh, but had such a wunderful day! [/END=Eric Cartmen Voice]

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Trip Unsettler [Short Stories]

Lava poured through my veins, boiling my blood and corroding my arteries! The Devil was staring right into my eyes, with his cold and black stare. My worst nightmare was being realized, I was drowning in a pool of lava, as the Demon King watched with amusement, much to my agony! I screamed at him, yelling with so much profanity, but he was even more satisfied as I yelled at him. With every deep breath, I could feel the smoke filling my lungs, and the lava was soon to follow. I coughed up not blood, but ashes.

The Devil laughed at every moment of my torture, and he told me that I was a worthless piece of shit! “You have been a failure your whole life, nobody ever loved you! You caused so much pain and misery. Admit it, you loved every moment of your family’s suffering, their strife, and you loved causing conflict!”

“NO! I didn’t! I couldn’t have! You’re lying…” I tried to reason with him, but he made me feel guilty, as I started to ponder “what if he is right? What if I deserve to be in Hell? I caused nothing but pain and suffering…” I was tricked into believing he was right, and I felt ashamed. I felt that I had every reason to be tormented, as I felt that I never deserved anybody’s love…

Everything that I thought I was; a humanitarian, an advocate, or a healer, it all seemed like a lie… Nothing made me feel more empty than what the Devil had fooled me into thinking. False memories started to flood my mind as the Devil used telepathy to put created memories into my thoughts. Memories of how I was sadistic and I was a sociopath. How could any being be so evil?!

All of a sudden, I sank under the lava pool, and I was disoriented, disassociated, and depersonalized. I had no idea where I was, I couldn’t feel anything, I was in a suspended state of existence. My body was so numb, I didn’t feel scared, I didn’t feel pain, yet I was still boiling away under this pool of lava. My mood changed as I could feel my body once again. I was numb, yet so calm. It must’ve seemed like eternity before I realized that my trip-sitter was behind this whole nightmare!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Do The "Red Rock Riot"!!! [Video]

The "Red Rock Riot" was based on the idea that there is such a thing as "Red Rock Opium", which it turns out to just be "Dragon's Blood Incense", a type of incense that is burned. So, if you bought "Red Rock Opium"...LET'S GO RIOT!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Unexplained: Demonic Roar

I recorded this EVP in my downstairs apartment that my dad built in our house, while I used my breath as an energy source, because any spirit or disembodied entity needs energy to manifest. But I got more than I bargained for...

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Day That Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Lost It's Chicken [Joke]

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen was once scheduled to make a commercial, but things didn't go right...

Annie: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is the premier place to buy chicken, and let me show ya honey!

Annie turned around to find there was no chicken...

Annie, looking stunned: Where's the chicken?!

Annie looks around to find a note.

Note: Confiscated by Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Thank you, and good riddance!

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